Cells for Life has celebrated over a decade of service to parents like you. Since 1997, we have over 36,000 samples stored and have released several samples for medical treatment at Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.
This part of the website is dedicated to our current clients. We wish to make it easy for you to:

  • update your contact information
  • take advantage of our referral savings program, Click here
  • understand how easy it is to pay your annual storage fee invoices through links with online banking
        programs at the five major banks
  • learn more about what is happening in the field of cord blood stem cells

We continue to care for your child’s cord blood stem cells in our state-of-the-art laboratory at Toronto General Hospital. If you would like to tour the facility, please call 1.877.235.1997 to arrange an appointment, to view the facility online, Click here.

Thank you for choosing Cells for Life.