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Emma’s Story – How Cord Blood Saved her Life


NetCord Accredited

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking and Stem Cells Storage in Canada.

Medical research has shown that umbilical cord blood is a very valuable source of stem cells.

Collection of blood from the umbilical cord at birth is a safe and easy procedure that offers parents a once in a lifetime opportunity to collect and preserve these unique cells in a cord blood storage bank.

At Cells for Life, we are able to isolate and concentrate these stem cells and store them for you. This technology provides an immediate supply of cord blood stem cells should your baby or a family member require a stem cell transplant.

Cells for Life demonstrates commitment and dedication.

Toronto, Ontario August 15, 2012 – By demonstrating compliance with the NETCORD-FACT International Standards, Cells for Life Cord Blood Institute, Inc. has earned FACT Accreditation for Cord Blood Collection, Processing, and Release for Administration Related Allogeneic and Autologous Donations. NETCORD-FACT accreditation is considered the gold standard of quality, performance and integrity as defined by leading experts based on the latest knowledge in the field of cord blood banking.